Bottomless Hole

There are days I fall low

Think I hit bottom


Begin to claw my way up

Pride sheds like dead skin

Sun warms fingers

But I fall again



Begin to claw again

Blood stains cold rock

Eyes see light

But I fall again



Begin to claw once more

Soul leaks from open wounds

Can hear birds singing

But I fall once more



Don’t have much left

To begin my crawl

5 thoughts on “Bottomless Hole

  1. Mornin TC, there’s a poem I’ve written, “Goodbye Depression” not sure if it will help to read it, but sometimes we need reminding of what’s important in life. Anyway I haven’t officially posted it yet, so you’ll find it in my pages or in the poem selection category on the website. Have a good weekend ~ AP 🙂

    • I agree my brother….the depths talk to us. If we numb the abyss with manufactured drugs…the opportunities for change slip into oblivion. By the way…where do you pull this shit out of…Amor Fati…had to look it up and all kinds of great authors appear….Nietzche, Goethe, Aurelius…you are a walking library.

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