We built the automobile to increase our freedom of mobility.  We built the freeway to enable our automobiles to travel fast and free.  I find it strange that we often find ourselves in traffic jams.   Does this not defeat the very intention of the two inventions in the first place?  And oh my, how expensive these inventions are indeed.

When you contemplate many of man’s creations, which appear so ingenious upon birth, they seem to lead to dead ends or more appropriately defined– gridlock.

Take religion.  Religion is a beautiful concept with many good intentions, but what human invention has led to more misery, ignorance, censorship, persecution, bigotry, and bloodshed than religion? 

Take industrialization.  Industrialization has led to great comfort, widgets, and trinkets, but at the same time it also led to slave labor, child labor, commoditization of the human being, and environmental destruction. 

Take Politics.  Politics was developed to represent and care for the people yet corruption and incompetence has led to bloody revolutions, civil wars, and enormous public debts. 

Take science.  Science enlightened us to many realms yet it also equipped us with the means to destroy ourselves on a massive scale both in terms of weapons and environmental degradation. 

Take law.  Law was conceived to provide order and fairness yet one can hardly take a shit without worrying about the sewage (LMAO).

Take economics.  Economics was invented to serve us, yet we and all of the above inventions serve it. Except for the very few who have grown disproportionately rich or inherited great wealth, we can’t control economics otherwise we wouldn’t experience recessions, depressions, market crashes and collapses, large-scale unemployment and underemployment.    

There seems to be only one way to solve this gridlock conundrum.  Everyone needs to simply get out of their cars and leave them behind.  We need to walk together and begin the long and gradual process of tearing it all down so we can begin anew. 

Next post will put forward one idea of many to come that deals with breaking through this gridlock.  The post will be called “Generation Skip”.

30 thoughts on “Gridlock

  1. In a pictorial irony, the gridlock forms a perfect X. You’d think by now we would know better than to continue trying to “cut through the middle.” Looking forward to your next posts 🙂

    • Ah…the busy busy Aurora…always amazed and honored you have time to come over here. I hope I don’t dissapoint…I have no idea where I am going with this…just vague broad crazy thoughts.

  2. “Take industrialization. Industrialization has led to great comfort, widgets, and trinkets, but at the same time it also led to slave labor, child labor, commoditization of the human being, and environmental destruction.”

    . . . and to human stampedes at Walmart.

      • Which one? 🙂 I’ll try to dig up the “best”, the one most representative of this oh so visceral phenomenon. Every time I see things like this I feel the last drops of my faith in humanity oozing out of me, leaving me desiccated and ready for death.

      • Well, here’s NBC News’ take on it–gives a good mashup of images.

        And then I selected this from a number of other possibilities.

        It’s ironic that “Black Friday” began as an anti-consumerist protest against the orgy of consumerism on the day after Thanksgiving before the term was usurped by the Retail Conglomerates and used as a means of generating even more consumerism–obviously, with great success. “Black Friday Sales” is a contradiction in terms. Based on what is has devolved into, I think it should be renamed Black Hole Friday.

        One other curious thing to note here–if you look very closely, in one of the shots during the NBC news clip you can see Anne Schilde at one of the Walmarts standing in line at a “Sign Up Here to be Pepper-Sprayed on National TV” booth.
        Crazy, no?

      • RALMAO…that video of gate opening and crowds rushing in…spirit crushing…I fear one day that will be a daily observation at the market in search of food and water. Thanks for posting DS.

  3. Dragonstrand – afuckingmen. Only in this country do we celebrate a federal holiday of giving thanks for all that we have, and for the blessings in our life immediately followed by the largest shopping day of the year upon which we max our credit cards in anticipation of the next holiday. Huh.

    Tincup, statements 4, 5 and 6 make me certain that you must read my diary or have hired a crew to plant secret recorders to document conversations in my home. In either case, mind your own business, man. 😛

    • I would like to read your diary…I am sure it would be very interesting…tell me…do these conversations on 4,5,6 that occur at your home take place in your head or do those you are conversing with agree with you…or are they the subjects for arguments and debate?

      Love your comment to Dragonbreath but I will let him reply…he has some good videos that hammer the point home.

      • Dude, you already set up the surveillance equipment in her home? Always one step ahead of me . . . .

        Say, can I get patched into the live feed on that? Thanks Bro–I’ll get you back later.

      • LOL…its got audio too:) I figured out a way to install surveillance cameras and audio on anyone who hits my participate button…but for a certain few…I add more cameras to ensure each room has full coverage. I will grant you live feeds since you volunteered to host that Giving Thanks Orgy at your place next year. Way to step up to the plate bro!

  4. Many of the things you mention are tools, for example science and law, and I must admit that I do not think that there is anything wrong with them. I do, however, think that there is a problem with the people using them for their own short sighted goals.
    But I have no idea how to teach people in general to play nice…

    • Thanks for your comment W.R. Woolf. I too believe science and law are good tools if used correctly and within reason. I will provide some very rough sketches in future posts that attempt…and I mean attempt in a very humble sense…to address your concern about playing nice.

  5. I share Fountains thought exactly. So unfair that she said it first. Black Friday, in many ways, disgusts me. We truly do work ourselves into terrible holes with our growth and technology. Having traveled, I have seen many levels of desperation and prosperity, advancement and lack of civility, and my conclusion is often that the quality of life is far more dependent on the expectations and attitude of the population, and not on the technology. With each new development comes potential for new destruction. Great thoughts, my friend

      • Fountains…thanks for the spirit lift…but I am afraid I might get hung in the public street:) By the way, when I go live with those surveillance videos and earn all that money…I’ll give you 1% of the profits…for I am a capitalist at heart:) By the way…how the hell do you guys make these smiley faces and winky faces…I am too stupid to figure it out.

    • VW…thanks again for dropping by. I wish that I could discuss more uplifting subjects for you to take a break and lift your spirits from your heavy undertaking…but it is what it is.

      • Meh, I was born of adversity and bred to raise my sword against the dragons others would rather run from. I am well accustomed to intellectual torment and emotional inquisitions. Bring it on 😉

  6. :clutches chest, staggers: You’ve broken my heart. A hypocritical capitalist, no not you! 😦 Though, I challenge I could do greater things with my 1% than you could with your 99%…

  7. Vote: Go Public (well more than here, you’d be surprised how many think along these lines) A friend visiting me the other night said she is sick of all the whining in the world from all the overpriveleged, sense of entitlement minded people complaining “oh, I’m so tired, thank God it’s Friday” when some have no job at all (I don’t, she does). She says “I know how fortunate I am and I feel like saying well, get off the f*ing hamster wheel or shut the f*ck up.” I agree with her. And you.

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