Ocean currents

Travel far


Invisible breeze


Effortless flight


Endless flows


Silently moves

Star light

Infinite directions

Heavenly bodies

Eternal motion

Only the animate

Marks territory

With urine and scent

Fabricated borders

Pretend territories

False barriers

Let it go

Let it flow

10 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Thanks for comments ball of intelligent fire…I expected some blow back when I told you to get your little butt over here to participate…but you just quietly hit the participate button…LOL

      • LMAO…you can call me what ever you want…you know my first name…but keep it off this blog as I often post things where I prefer to keep my identity private…and there will be more severe posts in the future before this topic is exhausted and I move on to poetry/photography. Yes..Tincup isn’t very deep or intellectual…which is fitting…I am far from those things…but I do have a broad mind combined with a sense of humor and understanding of my place in the great Abyss. Didn’t you notice I added the pretty aqua blue ocean as background against the universal galactic image? It is from my Pisces orgin. What is your sign…Annalisa?

    • “Shit! Suddenly I see!” the blind/blonde girl said. Maybe “participate” has more syllables in it than I thought it did.

      I’m a Scorpio (11/11 the new Libra), which sadly has nothing to do with either curiosity nor analysis.

      I will forever refer to you as Tinc… which is short for “TINK əp”… k?

    • LOL…my busyness is abot 1/10 of your production…yes I like the calming aqua blue ocean against the chaotic universe…isn’t that what it is all about…our beautiful blue planet amidst cold dark violent chaotic space?

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