Murder by Numbers

  1.  I.Q.
  2. GPA
  4. FICO (Credit Score)
  5. KLOUT (new term)
  7. AGE
  10. RACE (1 to 5)

Now, The Three Musketeers  — Employers, Government, Marketers (includes the media) have all the numbers they need to herd us into groups for the slaughter.  TWEET…herd em up cowboys. 

In order to make the round-up easier, important to minimize #1 and inflate #2-3. 

In order to grow and expand the system to show “progress” must maximize #8-9…use religion as an aphrodisiac and later as novocaine

Finally, over-time, slowly but carefully drain #6 such that #4-5 no longer matter.

Leave #10 in case they discover our scheme —  we can play the race card to turn them against each other while we pack up our winnings and get the hell out of the country.  We can take our dog and pony show somewhere else…afterall there are 6.7 billion other cows to herd up and slaughter.

16 thoughts on “Murder by Numbers

  1. Just one cog in the machine.
    “We have all been seduced by the world’s enchanting offers of happiness through pleasure and accumulation, but they are lies, shams, fallacies…Every day we are lied to by the world…Human beings have created a deeply dysfunctional culture…Human ignorance is the status quo; eve in the most highly educated or religious people we see the unnecessary suffering of ego identification, lac of acceptance, and greed for power.” -Noah Levine in his Against the Stream

  2. First, I love ♥ LOVE ♥ the Bluebird of Happiness, twitting across your murder grid! I Tweet therefore I am (a Twit). And you say you are no poet!

    Haha, in all my debates, I never heard the media lumped in with the marketers before, unless it was one political party claiming the media marketed the other one. 🙂

    The problem with all of this is that none of these truly matter. What truly grows social presence (popularity) is coolness. Coolness is defined by sexiness. I don’t see either of those on your list.

    In order to be sexy, you must first be a Scorpio, cuz they are the most passionate sign and passion is sexy. Just sayin. The second thing you need to be sexy is either drop dead gorgeous, rich enough to tell people that you are, or smart enough to convince them that you are. Until I see a formula for converting IQ into devious smarts, none of those are on your list either.

    What I do see on your list is a lot of convoluted ways to become a cow. Being a cow is a) not sexy, and b) not all that complicated. It shouldn’t be. If you’re a girl, all you have to do is get fat, which leaves a pretty short window for most of us. If you’re a guy, all you have to do is pretty much nothing, because you guys have a really short window to begin with and a really long imagination to go with it.

    This is still a metaphor. 🙂

    The point is that no one stays truly sexy long enough to matter (I plan on it). So having money, or having power (in the first place) is the only way to matter. The visual image of that looks a little like a 30 ot 6 taking out your bluebird up there.

    This is totally me…

    I’m just debating cuz you called me here. You know I’m sexy! ♥

    • Nope. Brunette… maybe one or two freckles… if you believe a rubber band is a bungee cord. Shot a muzzle-loader once and fell on my ass. They say I hit the target! I’ll never know if they just meant my ass because I didn’t know to ask.

    • Laughing…I am shitting in my pants…I don’t know it that is your serious argument and you in the video or not…but it is a worthy argument to be blasted should I need expend energy so doing:)

    • I just found the best girl with a shotgun I could find. I’m quick (and sexy) like that. 🙂 There is NO SUCH THING as a SERIOUS argument. We’re all idiots. (Brian?) Thanks always for reading! ♥

      • Even if your argument isn’t serious (and yes…most of us are idiots or ignorant or as Socrates says…know nothing)…it is worthy to make a few comments…because although your post was hillarious…it isn’t funny to many people who would actually side with your argument.

        The whole idea of Twitter drove me to this post…which I was actually half dreaming about the other night…the idea of a flock of birds…millions of birds…even billions…being swayed this way or that…of following…a person (Celeb)…an idea…a command…an event…is in and of itself an uncomfortable position. In fact…is there any way to change the damn wordage on this blog to get rid of the word “followers” and replace with something a little less disturbing? Further…all the companies…including the media…are expending resources and employing marketing gurus to “tap” into this relatively new medium…in addition to Facebook…etc……which directly ties into the whole fundamental premise of Economics and Capitalism. Employ marketing, advertising, based on demographics…to sway as many people as possible to believe they both need and want this or that product…drive sales…drive profits…drive growth. I imagine one day they will come sniffing around WordPress…in fact they are already here…asking if you want to post some damn sponsor… The Media…is disgusting…if you watch any media outlet regardless of political bend…the stories and subjects are all about ratings which of course drives advertising revenues…how many god damn hours did they spend on that ridiculous MJ case? Excuse me while I vomit…ok…feel better now. The media and lobby groups are two additional unintended arms of government…excuse me while I vomit once again….and yes…all that matters in this game is sexyness, money, and power…and the ability through these means to sway us birds (pigeons) or cows this way or that…all for the accumulation of wealth…the money flows just like the flock or herd….MOOOOOOOOO (squeeze those teats dry)…or………Tweet…Tweet…Tweet…regurgitate your worms…LOL…thanks for the rant.

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