Flaming Sword

Ah…an unexpected productive day on the blog.  Somehow, I was able to overcome Beethoven’s 7th symphony movement #2, to find some voice and words worth expressing.  My final poem or muse…and then sleep.  No need to wait and proof in the morning.  This draft is good enough for a blog.  One can always improve words, but I am tired and satisfied.  Good night fellow man…and woman…sweet dreams.

Here I float



Latent energy

Naïve hope


Available to ignite

For a purpose

A grand vision

But I know what the future holds

My fuel will again be burnt

On the banal task

For money

To “earn” a living

To make a profit

Flesh slowly decays

Muscles wither away

Brain turns to mush

Bones begin to crack

Spirit worn away

Like the rocks from the pounding surf

Forced to carve a small niche

A quiet cove

Away from humankind

To enjoy slivers of beauty

Scraps of fulfillment

Oh modern civilized man

How many more beings will you sacrifice?

Slaughter to your small greedy task?

Look in the mirror

Review your past

Contemplate the Great Abyss

Imagine the future

To understand our true purpose

We were designed to excel

To challenge our uninterested God

To fight the Grand War

Thrust the flaming sword

Into the heart of darkness

And die a Noble Death


Not alone



Wasted unused potential

12 thoughts on “Flaming Sword

  1. ah, Tincup., to feel unfulfilled at the end of your journey must be anathema to the soul… Yet how much time do we waste wishing and dreaming… Far too much, (talking about myself here) … I shall take up the flaming sword and beat sloth/procrastination to death… and then see what happens… Tiny steps… (oh… and thrilling read) 😀 xPenx

  2. I have to ask. You know I do.

    What if?

    What if the future holds glory that is only masked superfluously by the banal?
    What if the only sacrifice that ever mattered was yours?
    What if the Grand War is won not by the sword, but the flaming arrow of love?

    What if?

    I have to ask. You know I do.

    • Your challenge is put forth with beauty and grace…like a siren…but I see through it. Perhaps I am wrong and if so will have an eternity to laugh at myself while shoveling coal deep down below…but I believe we must strive for heaven on Earth…that we are indeed capable of approaching a much higher culture and state…ironically…through individual sacrafice…but not to Jesus…to man himself and his progress. As I look before me now…all I see are sacrificial lambs on the alter of Economics…I see walking clothed commodities…I see mediocrity.

      • And our flaming sword comes in many forms does it not? Fighting for love, honor and equality takes the heart and the hand…and plenty of booze, sex and books. Oh wait, I’m a monastic…

  3. I love it. And when I read the word “excel,” I thought of the program that I use for work, and that just brought me right back to the feelings I had in the beginning, and this bought the perfectly spaced words right into my being and made me wake up and see my reflection in your words. Thank you! There are bigger and better things within us as we work, to make the money to support doing what we love…and it is always good to remember those things, maybe bring them into our work when we remember to. I never thought about the word ‘excel,’ Excel! It’s such a fabulous word! From now on, when I open that program to keep track of my work, I want to think about “excel”ing at the things I truly love, while I work if need be.

    • Excel…oh my Lady…I have spent about a decade working on Excel…and excelling isn’t the word that comes to mind when I am grinding away on that application. Many a day did I stare out the window thinking…is this it…is this how I was meant to spend the majority of my day, the majority of my week, doing? Pure torture on some days. Great application, much like a car, an airplane, electricity, hot shower….but such a price we pay for such luxuries and comforts. I sincerely believe we have the power and ability to enjoy these great inventions without becoming slaves to them…but I am not so sure we have the willingness or visions to realize this idea. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find joy and excel outside of Excel:)

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