The Matrix — Economics

Even at the peak of my business career, when I was wrapped up in making great money and living like a whore, there were two scenes in the movie The Matrix that made me think about economics/capitalism and the life we are living.  In my imperfect perception, I view economics under our current construct as being analogous to the matrix…we are merely the batteries powering the machine.  Below are the two scenes I really enjoyed.  Most of us take the wrong pill….


6 thoughts on “The Matrix — Economics

  1. The first Matrix film is one of the deepest films you’ll see from the last thirty years. For me, it’s always played on the philosopical level, Descartes’s “cogito ergo sum”, where the whole world and everything you’ve ever known could be an illusion and the work of demons, but no matter what you shed from what we call reality, you cannot escape the fact that you still think, and if you start with THAT as the basis for reconstructing the world around you, everything changes.

    But yes, I also saw the capitalist line as well, where we’re all just disposable batteries, and as soon as we’re no longer of use, we’re easily discarded. In some cases, we’re no longer useful when we realize our place in the grand scheme of things, we’re not all going to be rich and successful, and we look for other means of contentment, or, in Matrix-speak, we take the red pill.

    • Great comment. I haven’t seen any posts from you for a while…need to check if you are on my follow list. I especially like you comment above second paragraph….once we realize our place…we make ourselves unuseful out of choice:)

      • The real trick is, what do we do once we know what we are? George Carlin wasn’t able to answer it, he simply lost faith in government and religion and mocked it all from the sidelines. Same with Bill Hicks. The best answer I can give is a Buddhist answer, to eliminate unnecessary want and desire from your life, to stop being a consumer and return to being a soul, to make the journey for salvation an inward one. While I can live with being a disposable part of the big machine, and while I can live with never being rich or inportant on a grand scale, I can’t live chasing the material things that just make me worry and despair. Being called a good husband, a good grandfather, and a good Christian, these are what matter to me, and you almost HAVE to remove yourself from the system to be these things.

      • I am not a Christian…but I am so happy to meet one that recognizes the conflict between the capitalist society and that of true Christian values…I think many Christians turn a blind eye to that friction and thereby pollute their religious ideals.

  2. “Most of us take the wrong pill”–correction: Most of us do not even know that there are pills at all. It’s true though that most of the few who do become aware of the existence of these pills take the blue one–and thus remain mere “coppertops” unconscious of what they really are . . . or what they could become.

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