Powerless Love

Beautiful little woman

Inside and out

Small but tall

Petite yet firm

Quiet and strong

Long flowing jet black hair

Fair skin rarely touched

Pretty full lips sparingly shared

Heart and soul burned to iron

To battle the world at hand

A brave warrior you have become

Armor surrounds your being

If only I could wisp you away

In both time and space

To when you were just a little girl

To a place worthy of you

When and where you could be

A woman with a trusting heart

With an ocean-wide expansive soul

Free as the wind to become

The woman you were meant to be

And I

A man

Worthy of your love

14 thoughts on “Powerless Love

  1. It’s beautiful! It could just as easily be written by a father who feels he has failed his daughter. Maybe this is the world where you are worthy and all you need is to not suppress or depress your worthiness. β™₯

    • Ha…my daughter…don’t have one. No, this was written for a wonderful woman I love…seperated by thousands of miles, mistakes, and external/internal barriers. But, your intuition could be correct…for I feel for all the young beings now and yet to come…I wish we could lay the foundation for them to grow into powerful and free spirits…take that youthful wonder at the world and allow it to blossom into full potential throughout adulthood…instead of subjecting them to what is….and hoping they can struggle and find some piece or scrap of motivation, purpose, vision or beauty.

    • Never imagine that your words were only the ones you wrote. You had no way of knowing it, but this poem was written for me. It allowed me to feel a love I’m powerless to feel, to hear my father’s absent pride, to wear the chastity he never saw in me, to feel the devotion he never offered anyone but himself, to wish I could tell him that he was my Daddy and he was always worthy of my love.

      For five minutes, you had a daughter. You touched her very deeply.

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