“God’s” Worthy Opponent

Beautiful ruler of the seas

Power and grace supreme

Perfect form slicing the expanse

Stealth shocking death

Turns Ocean blue red

Shiny black mysterious night

Glistening white glacial ice

War paint

Dreams from wolfish past

Howling at the moon

Terrifying raw freedom

Roaming wild intelligence

Natural strength embraces abyss

No fabricated tools or laws

Noble opponent to inanimate might

Bright beast confronts infinite chaos

The eternal Battle of the Titans

Man merely a misinformed spectator

Or long gone

Failing to comprehend the Grand War

6 thoughts on ““God’s” Worthy Opponent

    • Definitely not “in awe” of your “poetry” Connie; nor, for that matter, your ludicrous and arbitrary notion that there should be separation between a so-called “Creator” and the Creations that allegedly issue forth from it. Why not stand in awe of both? Does standing in awe before the heavens or an Orca somehow for some reason undermine standing in awe of this so-called “God”? Wouldn’t this rather be yet a further confirmation of reverence?

      One thing is certain–I cannot “be in awe” of the Maker of you; for you are an inarticulate, conceited fool. Next to an Orca you are a caricature of pure and beautiful Nature, a hubristic ape who has vainly fallen in love with its comical image in the mirror and in its delusions of grandeur imagines it is the only creature “made in the image of God”.

      Don’t bother to reply–I know you cannot be saved from your “salvation”; just keep grinning and gazing into the mirror and suckling on that banana pacifier of submission to the Almighty Ape in “the beyond”.

  1. Unfortunately, your good looks and nice little poem aren’t enough to convert me to your idea of God:) I am in awe of God or the Gods…of him, her, or it…for the Earth and all its creatures are a true gift amidst the expansive chaotic Universe…this one Universe that we know so little about…and there may be even more Universes. Animate creatures appear to be the exception as opposed to rule…indeed they come from the inanimate…and it is the inanimate that I view as God. The inanimate is both a creator and a destroyer…an indiscriminate creator and destroyer. It is the Grand War to which I am referring…animate vs. inanimate…we should ensure the animate thrives…in all its forms. And man…so much potential…wow…God must be dissapointed…although I don’t think he/she/it notices…God has a large Universe to create and maintain…not sure we are even on the radar. It is up to us to survive and more importantly thrive…not in numbers…but on more important fronts. Maybe we could join forces with the Orca and ride them like we did the Stallions…LOL…but that would take an entirely different kind of human being.

  2. This is masterful. I feel the force of ancient tides behind this one. It makes me feel small and dwarfed by such timeless strength. I find no beauty more stunning than the ocean and it’s creatures. Love it!

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