Stimulating the Senses

Think about how your five senses are stimulated everyday in your current environment that surrounds you.  What do your eyes take in?  What do your ears absorb?  What do your fingers touch?  What smells and tastes fill your being? 

Now close your eyes.  Imagine a virgin Earth bountiful and full without the awkward looking two-legged mammal that walks upright and all its creations.  

Now, how would you go about putting us back in the picture?  You have all the knowledge of what has come before and what currently exists.  You are, for this moment, God. 

Would it look anything like that which is before you today?  Can you imagine a new structure where our five senses are stimulated in a more heightened manner?  How would this change alter our beings?  How would we feel and behave?  What would be our thoughts, goals, and visions?  Would we end up at the same place we are today, or some place worse….better?

3 thoughts on “Stimulating the Senses

  1. I feel like I’m diving off a cliff without a parachute being the first to respond to this.

    Lots of people share my ability to see things with an inside eye. I’ve experienced the ability to move my hearing outside of my body and several blocks away. I also have precognitive dreams sometimes. I don’t necessarily think of these as “heightened” senses. Just different ones that we don’t use. I don’t know what other senses there are, but I’m sure as we need them more and more we will instinctively begin to use them.

    I think God already put us into a virgin world with all the knowledge of what has come before and what currently exists. What we see is exactly what it would look like. You know because it does.

    • You bring up interesting thoughts that crossed my mind while posting this…the idea of more than the five senses. For example, some plants have sense for gravity (Mustard) to ensure it grows in the proper direction. Some animals use sonar or sense magnetic fields. As you know, we, as humans, only use a small percentage of our brain. My thought is our creator…that chaotic, destructive, creative, experimenter…had higher hopes for us…why else would it have equipped us with such large brains other than it thought we would eventually grow into it?

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