A Slice of Happiness

Happiness is not difficult to achieve given free time and adequate resources.  Today is a cold and windy wet day.  A few more such days and all the fall leaves will be on the ground leaving the trees barren and dark wet — giant twigs.  My son and I dressed up warm and hit the links.  We were the only brave souls on the golf course.  I love playing golf in less than ideal weather because there is no one else around.  The wind, cold, and rain keeps the masses in their warm homes leaving the open green space for us.  I also enjoy going to battle when the course is toughest — emboldened by her friend Mother Nature.  My son beat me today (yes I give him some strokes) and as such was awarded a hot dog and coke.  My consolation prize was a cold cheap beer.  On the way back home I saw a beautiful view.  The sun was bursting through the clouds in the distance.  Two Bald Eagles were riding the thermals above.  I had to stop and take a picture with my cheap cell phone.  Of course it falls way short of the grand view before me, but I share the imperfection nonetheless.  Today has been a good day — a slice of happiness. 

6 thoughts on “A Slice of Happiness

  1. and slices of happiness are just wonderful Tincup, reminding us what’s important in this life… Hope your week-end is a good one.. with many more slices to enjoy, (now ….why am I fantasising about cake? 😉 ) xPenx

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