Change of Season

My last post, regarding Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 movement #2, foreshadows a change of season for my blogging career…LOL.  I believe that piece says all I want to say about Contemplating the Human Direction.  I just wish I could tell the entire human race to just STOP, LISTEN, for just nine minutes, and reflect on this beautiful piece of music.  Perhaps then play Beethoven’s 9th second movement to give them an idea of what we could become.  Oh well, I will continue on with this blog for quite some time with additional rants until I feel I have exhausted the topic.

Once this blog has run its course, I plan to start a new blog that will be centered around photography with some short poems.  There was a high point in my life when I was free with no responsibility in which I decided I would become a photographer.  Unfortunately, I caved in to a generous offer to receive paid for higher education in business and with that decision came responsibility and turmoil.  One good thing did come out of the last decade which is my son.  But one cannot live solely for another.  Out of respect for love, one must become their own person and push on.

I really love photography and short poems.  Photography works the eyes and poems work the mind and heart.  Photography is however, an inferior art form to painting or sculpture because you are using a mechanical device.  But I do like where photography takes me.  It inspires me to roam the earth to seek out beauty, which seems to becoming harder and harder to find.  Over a decade ago, when I was contemplating photography or business, I became a little discouraged with the idea of making a career out of photography.  Several administrators at various photography schools asked me what I wanted to make my primary focus.  I said landscapes and skyscapes.  They said you can’t make a career out of that and offered other venues like taking pictures of products or weddings or portraits or fashion.  It was at this point where I said the hell with it.  I will not corrupt photography for money.

So, I went the business route but didn’t give up on photography.  I purchased an Arca Swiss 4×5 camera and heavy tripod and went up to the mountains and to the ocean for photographic endeavors in my free time.  I have taken and developed several beautiful black and white landscapes.  But I have had a long pause due to turmoil on various fronts but plan to return to something I really enjoy once I get back on my knees…and then my feet.  This blogging concept gives me a medium to share that future work without the expectations of money and career.  The photos above were taken with a crappy cell phone lacking the benefit of proper lenses, film, filters and tripod, but they still obtain some pleasure to my eye.  I look forward to sharing with you better quality and subjects in the hopefully not too distant future on a new blog.  The new blog will be my transition from hoping mankind can turn the corner to simply living my life and seeking beauty.


8 thoughts on “Change of Season

  1. I’m excited for you man. It’s far from being “too late” for you. I love what you say about “simply living my life and seeking beauty”. In the end the positive is always so much more powerful than the negative. Not that we should just jettison the latter and become blindly “blissed out”–clearly there is a very important place for critical thinking and self/social interrogation. We cannot allow these things, however, to become so imbalanced and predominant in our psyche that the value and joy of Life itself is irrevocably compromised.

    In light of this, I hope you don’t mind me posting the below song in honor of your “Change of Season”–no, it’s not Beethoven, but it is a song that has tremendous significance for me at the level of positively celebrating the Beauty of Life. Even the picture evokes this for me: the setting of a beautiful table in a gorgeous place for a dinner in an evening that is still full of so many promises, in which hopeful and passionate discussions will occur about what it is still possible to achieve in Life.

    All the Best to you my Brother . . . I look forward to standing in awe of your creations.

    • Thanks for encouragement…indeed…never too late…case in point…your golf game:) I will listen to this piece once I get to the desktop computer…this e-book has no sound. But let us set some expectations…I don’t expect you to stand in awe of photographs as you do Beethoven’s 9th 2nd movement:)

      • I knew you would say that . . . but don’t be so sure. Beethoven could never have composed that movement without first believing that he could. I believe there are some things you can do with photography/poetry that will be “mind blowing”. No, it won’t be what I experience when I listen to that movement, but let’s not set limitations either–it will be what it will be, We’ll see. Whatever the outcome is, I look forward to the journey.

    • LOL…hello willow…yes…I still need to make money…I have made around a million since I began working…but as I lived like a whore…there is nothing left…so once again I must engage in mundane activities to earn my daily bread…but I refuse to compromise or mix any pure dream with the corruption of activities needed to make money.

  2. Photography with poetry sounds great but why not just change this blog so that we can see all the facets of your thought processes? We are all multi-faceted for a reason and I think it would be simple to change over… I did it once before. Was Bleaumoon Woman. Am in the process of starting a blog jointly with a male friend of mine, will see how it goes. Looking forward to whatever you do next 🙂

    • hmmm….can you simply archive and change title and style or do you have to maintain the title? Regardless…this is still much to write here until I get in a position to switch over.

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