Higher Expression

Often words fall far short of what you want to say.  This blog is full of posts and words and pictures, but this Symphony No. 7, 2nd movement, by Beethoven, expresses my feelings, thoughts, and emotions regarding the Human Direction so much more accurately and profoundly than I could ever attempt through this pathetic means of translation (this blog). I hope you enjoy and understand.  Hopefully your computer has good quality sound.  Turn up the volume.  If you blog via phone…well….so much for that.  If you can’t sit still…quietly….for nine minutes….well…so much for that:)



10 thoughts on “Higher Expression

  1. 2nd movement of the 7th one of the greatest pieces of music ever created in this world, along with his 2nd movement of the 9th. The latter, played at the appropriately rapid tempo and with the right intensity, is literally the aural embodiment of Jupiter hurling lightning bolts through space. It is one of the few pieces of music in my entire life that truly left me absolutely “in awe” of human creation.

    • Probably not the best version of the 9th 2nd movement…but this visual along with the music blows me away…can you imagine creating this in your head and then writing out all the sheet music for an entire symphony? Interesting to juxtapose this masterpiece to the 7th Symphony 2nd movement. The piece I chose seems to hit my emotions when reflecting on the Human Direction from past up to the present…and hoping, yearning, lamenting, weeping, alone, screaming…enough! I leave it to the music to express.

      I don’t know what he was thinking about when he created this masterpiece (9th 2nd Movement)…nor do I regarding the piece I selected…but it certainly wasn’t the overall Human Direction…LOL…he must have been thinking about the peaks of the Human Experiment (or as you said…Greek Mythology and alignment with the Universe) ..almost like he blocked out any piece of negativity and just let it rip…unbelieveable! I wish I felt like posting that piece.

      • Just listened to/watched this. I was surprised by how much I liked the visuals–it was like a representation of what was happening in his mind; like electrical brain waves communicating the secret, hieroglyphic language of music, the source of which is ultimately a mystery of the Eternal.

        This musical interpretation of the movement reached close to the ideal in some places, but still falls short. This piece has to be played with more violence and velocity to do justice to Beethoven’s creation. He was a wild genius in every sense of the word, and I think many conductors err on the side of toning him down for common sensibilities.

        There’s a rendition of this movement on an old cassette tape I have that I can longer play–it was unleashed at a tempo that came in by almost two minutes shorter than any other version I’ve heard and I always thought it was the perfect interpretation and closest to what probably unfolded in Beethoven’s mind. But then of course that is just my opinion. Who knows? Anyway, thanks for adding this vid in with the first one. I think they compliment each other greatly and chisel away at the same monumental sculpture from different angles.

  2. I do not believe in a higher power or any absolute, universal truth. But when I listen to Beethoven I feel, for just a moment, like there must be something out there which allows for a piece so beautiful and so perfect to exist in our universe.

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