A Piece of Truth — Unmasked

Mother Earth falling and twirling

Through bottomless cold dark

She roars and burns deep down inside

Heat equal to the sun’s surface layer

Her latent power masked

Man’s time clock irrelevant

His misguided senses deceived

Slowly she moves massive blocks of land

Larger than continents

Thicker than the peak height of jets

Millimeter by millimeter her burning heart

Transforms the landscape before us

Titanic beasts collide

Arching up to airless heights

Ocean trenches deeper than Hell

Slowly swallow and burn granite mass

Immense bulges slowly rise

Dwarfing all that surrounds

Deep ocean shrouds below

Fire breathing behemoths

Man goes about his busyness

Unaware of this sample Truth

Until she takes off her mask

And the world throws him around

Like a rag doll

Demolishes his feeble structures

Burns and buries his existence

In hot ash

Drowns him on land

With an uncaring sea

He finally gains a small glimpse

Into reality

But quickly forgets

And returns to his busyness

5 thoughts on “A Piece of Truth — Unmasked

  1. There’s a reason busyness is so appealing. Staring into the abyss isn’t aesthetically all that pleasurable in the overall scheme of things. Although I take a lot of pleasure in doing it, I suppose.

    • LOL…yes…I guess my point is…the juxtaposition between reality and our busyness…my idea is the busyness…given our knowledge of a piece of reality…should be redefined accordingly…and that redefinition does not exclude the enjoyment of life…to the contrary…it would be the celebration of life…and so much more…if we got our shit together.

    • “Staring into the abyss” for me consists of gazing into Eternity–whether that is seeing a butterfly dancing in the summer air through a meadow of wildflowers, or looking into the midnight sky gravid with limitless stars far from the lights of civilization. Very “aesthetically pleasurable”, among other things.

      Busyness on the other hand dulls the senses, the mind, and the spirit–and that of course is its “appeal”. The Dead and Blind love it. I find it excruciatingly boring and aesthetically, spiritually and intellectually void.

  2. Years ago I wrote a piece about “busyness” being a competition and the busier you were, the more worthy in the eyes of the world. Your summation of that mentality is “write on.”

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