Light from Dark

Light from Dark -- By Summer Zheng

Isn’t this a beautiful piece of art?  Would it surprise you that it was created in 30 minutes?  The person that created this is a WordPress friend of mine…someone I found for what she said on the philosophy tag…something of significance that caught my attention…little did I know that in heart she wants to be an artist…a painter…but she is more than that.  She represents, in my mind, hope…Light from Dark…lightening…fire….and then deafening thunder.  

I know little about her, but enough to know she has the same struggles many of us face throughout our lives.  There are those exterior expectations, the exterior framework, those exterior demands, and the exterior superficiality that has been passed down generation by generation.  These exterior fabricated human creations often suppress the individual from listening to their heart, soul, and mind; oppose any instinct to do what they want.  This fighting spirit said…STOP…nothing is going to prevent me from doing what I want to do right here and right now!  I will create this and everything else can go to Hell.  And…so…out of darkness…this beautiful painting was created.  For me to interpret this painting would not do it justice…I have my own ideas of what it represents to me…but… it is…what it is…Light from Dark…By Summer Zheng.


3 thoughts on “Light from Dark

  1. I find that your relationship explained here parallels the painting. The dark is when you say you know a little about her. Social media/online tools will always keep us from being in the full presence of another; they aren’t tangible through the screen. Yet, you can experience this incredibly profound connection through her work: “The exterior fabricated human creations often suppress the individual listening to their heart, soul, and mind…”

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I have been involved in art all my life, and I love to feel the pull of another soul through art. It is a beautiful relationship and it speaks to something very deep inside of us. I enjoyed this post, and I am going to look at her work now. Thank you!

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