A Fresh Start

Build a quaint underground city

Where a clear fresh spring flows

Encase her with impregnable armor

Supply her with ample food and wine

Equip her with our highest thoughts

Fill her with our highest music

Flatter her with our highest art

Populate her with our highest beauty, intelligence, and heart

Come now rogue rock

We are ready for a fresh start



10 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Princess, I wish, but highest intents
    Promoted, I see, in my own absence
    Ah, well should you need a ruler for said Rogue Rock,
    You know the castle door upon which to knock.
    Princess Seuss

    • Lol… Great addition to a great poem, Janice. Lol @ the allusion to Dr Seuss:)

      And should you need a priestess for same rogue rock,
      To intercede, and the gods invoke,
      When the earthlings, yet again, run amuck;
      Your welcome, at my harbour to dock.


      • You may join Queen Seuss in the castle and be the priestess…as long as you teach the younglings about Greek Mythology as part of their extraordinary and broad creative education:) For they will be the ones to open the castle door and once again give our species another shot.

    • LMAO…ok…you can be Queen…I fear I would not be in the underground city…but I would enjoy thinking of those below and their future potential as I embrace the beautiful power of the rogue rock…booooom…..the eternal rest:)

  2. Hey, Katerina! That was awesome! And Tincup, thanks for permission to be Queen and then revoking it to bestow it upon another. It was all too much hyped responsibility for me anyway. I have poetry to write. LOL Before my eternal rest LOL

  3. Well, she says begrudgingly, with the title of Queen I am unfit to be
    What verse do you hope next to wring out of me?

    Thanks for swinging by my pages on your vacation. Happy Time Away from all this drudgery, lol 🙂
    If this gets too far down the rabbit hole, just call me Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton (Oh, dear, I fear I’ve dated myself severely, Oh well… life is just one magic trick after another) LOL

    • Glad you like the piece ChurchMountain…while I don’t picture the initial city of the new birthplace to be ideal…my lips crack a smile as I imagine our creatures opening the dungeon door to the natural light and there before them is a bountiful and flourishing new world before them.

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