Apollo — (Part 2 of 3)

                                                                          Light bursts through the dark abyss of existence

A cool brisk fresh ocean wind awakens the senses

Man suddenly dreams and visualizes a new direction

Apollo severs Medusa’s head and hurls it at  Dionysian forces

We are once again in control of our reason and Virtue picks up the sword

The human being can now hoist itself out of its horrific predicament and take control

Moderation, self-sacrifice, self-control, all in the name of a better whole

Utopian ideals emerge from the ashes and once again the young experience a sense of hope

All that has come before remembered but reevaluated and cast aside to begin anew

Religions, philosophies, economics, politics, education, science, art, civilizations all subject to change

The human being picks up the torch and once again pursues his destiny with vigor and purpose

But the sun eventually sets and often man can not fall asleep and slip into the blissful dream 

Despite his new-found purpose and vision he must nevertheless once again face Dionysus


2 thoughts on “Apollo — (Part 2 of 3)

  1. An inspiring narrative indeed. A vision of an ideal. I appreciate the optimism contained in these lines. Indeed “moderation” is far undersold in our current society. Unbridled consumption is confined to such a small portion of the earth, and yet it dictates the lives of people throughout its surface. And your final line invokes thoughts in my mind that we are a circular civilization. We will conquer and re-conquer the same problems repeatedly throughout our history. Well done!

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