Modern Ape Man

Ape man admired the mountains for fresh streams

Ancient man admired the mountains as Olympus

Wise man admired the mountains but looked above at the stars

Modern man climbs the mountains and beats his chest at the summit


7 thoughts on “Modern Ape Man

  1. Being on top of mountains is symbolic of communion with God. The hindu God shiva lives on top of a mountain. Moses received the ten commandments on top of a mountain. I have never mountain climbed before though. To be honest I am scared to, worried about the danger of it and all.

      • Climbing a mountain and going to the moon are in some respects related. The question to be asked: What is gained by a superchimp climbing Mount Everest or walking on the moon? Perhaps we should scale the mountain of the inner self and reach the moon of self-overcoming first. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony was written at or very close to sea level–yet it represents an immeasurably greater height achieved than that of the whole lot of chest-thumping superchimps who have scaled Mount Everest combined.

  2. One wonders at the next stage of development… Hoping for a return to wise-man myself , and I shall have my telescope ready and waiting. Only as an aid…’cos I do already look to the heavens…but never whilst beating my chest… could hurt… 😀 xPenx

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