Dionysus — (part 1 of 3)

Long black fine hair trickling down the pale naked back

all the way down the spine to where the perfect tight curves begin

Sheer black stockings hugging the sculpted legs rising up seemingly forever

from the black high heels to the creamy firm thighs

Dark red wine flows through the veins and into the brain

Rare dripping bloody meat topped with dark raspberry red reduction sauce

Teeth tear the flesh and the tongue slowly licks raspberry flavored blood from the lips

Trance sounds enter the ears and spread throughout every corner of the nervous system

Panther eyes hone in on the curves – calves, ass, hips, breasts, lips, the neck meeting the shoulders, black long fine hair dangling amongst the curves

White powder delivered on a glass plate inhaled with the smells of fire, sweat, perfume, lust, passion, sex

Armor is polished, spear is sharpened, the horse is prepared — off he goes to plunge his shining silver spear deep into the fucking guts of his foe ripping them out for the buzzards’ twilight meal.  To the victor go the spoils.


2 thoughts on “Dionysus — (part 1 of 3)

  1. You have a profound and clearly intimate grasp of these two “contrary” forces of Nature that the Ancient Greeks were so consciously tapped into that they made them into “Gods”. I like the way you have unearthed the modern manifestations of Bacchus here–like the stripper “bacchantes”; the image of which evokes the same aesthetics as ancient paintings on walls and vases. The frenzied, and sometimes terrifying, intoxication of Dionysus is so perfectly rendered here.

    • I am afraid we have evolved into a type of purgatory…which insulates us from both the Dionysian and Apollonian…the above post reveals that in regards to the Dionysian as does the second post on the Apollonian. It is an attempt to communicate these two forces from a product of average modern man.

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