OWS — “Product Personhood”

Several Occupy Wall Street protesters have been raising their concerns about “Corporate Personhoodwhich essentially treats the corporation as though it were an individual citizen.  But let me take this a step further.  Do we not treat products with the same level of respect that we do individual citizens?    

Let me dive a little deeper.  What do most of us spend our time on?  Well, making and consuming products — if we aren’t spending our time making products, we are out shopping for, buying, or using products.  Products or things seem to control or account for the greatest use of our time and energy.  Our obsession with product creation and consumption has almost morphed us into becoming a product ourselves.   Do products serve us or do we serve products?  Are we simply becoming commodities?  Is the cliché true that you are what you do?

Should the protestors in fact be attacking “Product Personhood”?   I offer some images that may help illuminate what my words have failed to adequately describe.




























4 thoughts on “OWS — “Product Personhood”

  1. Both.

    It’s one of those circular paradoxes nobody can explain.

    We need stuff to do stuff but then we, in my opinion, kind of just become breathing human stuff.

    Would rather think.

    Or write.

    But then I see the graphic of your last post and, while I want to get out the bolt cutters, Maslow’s hierarchy hits where I live … food and shelter I have not yet figured out a way around. Until then I guess I am human just like everyone else, living with stuff, by stuff and forgetting how life was before all this stuff we think we really need. Even this. How do we detach from computer use? Living off the grid becomes less attractive if you are just doing all the same things you would do in the city… via generator… solar power or whatever… I dunno… see you always get me thinking, better fly for now 🙂

  2. Nice of you to drop by and comment butterfly. I am often mis-understood. I am not a barefoot hippie vegetarian…I am a beast inside that looks like your all American boy with hair that might be a little longer than accepted. I believe we can live like wild intelligent beasts in a culture and cultures of plenty within a world of plenty. We can still have our “things” and more “things” than we can imagine…and oh so much more beauty and culture around us. But…so much has to change for that to become a realization…and to understand that my lady…you would have to read all the posts while sipping a few bottles of wine and enjoying a steak with reduction sauce:)

    In short, we must bring back the dignity of the human being…the belief in the human being and what it can accomplish. This isn’t good enough. I want heaven on Earth…not hell only to die and find that “this” is the final episode…which is…what I believe is the case. And if “this” is our direction…then I hereby donate my ashes to the Orca, the dolphin, and the Hawk to use for their re-creation into the next dominant species of this beautiful blue planet.

    • Thanks for stopping by Lindsay…and fellow utopian hopeful. You should check out the category (Utopia) on this blog…basic info and ideas…but might offer some fuel for your upcoming project. I am glad you understand the side by side photos…men are not great communicators and often we must resort to images:)

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