Occupy Wall-Street — Why I “Might” Support the Movement

Fox News is labeling the protesters associated with “Occupy Wall-street” as a bunch of loonies and lefties.  Their own selective video interviews support their hypothesis.  You can always find loonies in a protest movement.  But I am here to say that I “think” they are wrong.  These people protesting, as well as thousands, millions, perhaps billions, of those not protesting, have an innate sense that something is wrong not only with America, but with the human direction as a whole. 

The protesters may not have a crisp clean sound bite articulating what they stand for, but I “believe” they are simply lashing out at their general discontent with the human condition and lack of inspiring visions in which they can trust.  Apparently, many of the protesters are young, either in college, not in college, or recently out of college.  Of course there are many other people in the crowd that don’t fit neatly into these categories, but say for argument’s sake most of them are young.  The young still have ample energy, hopes, dreams, and expectations of what life should be.   They have concluded, through this protest, that the status quo doesn’t meet their expectations. 

I have been fortunate most of my life to “benefit” from the status quo, but all throughout something deep down inside prevented me from truly embracing the status quo.  I can’t express my discontent in a clear crisp sound bite, which is actually the reason I started a blog.  I am not trying to promote my blog, but I am trying to explain why these protestors may not have a clear message and properly formatted solutions.  The reasons behind my discontent are very complex and difficult to express.  As such, I have resorted to philosophy, poetry, music, religion, history, literature, science, as a means to express my discontent and propose possible solutions regardless of how ridiculous they may appear.

I can’t say for sure that I am correct in my hypothesis, but I plan to meet with these protesters in my city and observe for myself.  I will report back with pictures and additional thoughts.  In the meantime, keep an open mind and give these protesters the benefit of the doubt.  As the saying goes…innocent until proven guilty.


7 thoughts on “Occupy Wall-Street — Why I “Might” Support the Movement

  1. One thing to consider: your language and ideas are, in part, a product of your education and experiences. It sounds like you’re in your early twenties, which would mean you were raised during a strange era in our history where large amounts of unsecured personal debt were normal; when the assumption was that you either went to college, were an idiot, or were lazy; and when the definition of “fair” in terms of economic disparities was changing.

    Since you have familiarity with philosophy, start with making sure you define what words mean to you. For example, a “fair” economic system can mean equal financial outcomes, equal opportunities to build wealth through labor and creativity, or something else. If you can articulate what you think a non-wrong system would look like, then you will be closer to identifying what those words mean to you. Of course, you also have to figure out if that vision will align with human nature.

    • I am just a touch over 40…so when I talk to women I am 39:) I have worked in corporate America for over a decade in the finance field. I know about word choice and the importance of them as well as their limitations. If you read my post under the “Money” category entitled The “Human World” without Money, Debt, and Financial Institutions…you will have an outline of what I think is a complete fucked up system (what we currently have) and what I think would be the “ideal” system.

      • I’m actually 38, so I think we probably come from a similar background. Unfortunately, I think you are proposing an ideal system that requires ideal humans, not real humans.

      • WingedPanther: If “human beings are made in the image of God”, then what’s the problem? They should be able to be “ideal human beings” and thus occupy and further an “ideal system”. What’s the barrier? “Satan”?

  2. I marched with this protest in the city I live in yesterday. I just fired up my ipod, listened to uplifting music, and walked with them. I didn’t chant any of the slogans, didn’t have a sign (though I have some very good ideas for one), didn’t even speak to anyone. Yet I felt it necessary and entirely right to be there, to simply register my protest against what for too long we have been told “can be no other way”.

    Just remember this is a pluralistic movement–that was very evident to me yesterday. Truly, people from “all walks of life” were present. You will see buffoons, thugs, imbeciles, and “haters”; but don’t let these eclipse the whole. You will not agree with many of the things you see and hear, but look and listen closely and you will hear and see things that have merit and promise.

    As far as the media’s mockery and condescension towards this movement, there is a quote from Gandhi that is prevalent among the communications of the protesters: “First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight with you, then you win.”

    The “let them eat cake” mentality that is on display on Fox News, in the Champagne drinking fools on the Balcony of NYSE, in the “We are the One Percent” sign hangers in Chicago, will only fan the fires of this movement–as will any Police brutality. You don’t put out a fire with the fuel that started it.

    I hear it is supposed to be a big one tomorrow. Be careful of the Police, and I’ll be interested to read about your impressions.

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