Muses on Capitalism (Green Products)

The Green Movement ultimately wants crisp fresh air, crystal clear water, less waste – a beautiful and bountiful planet to hand off to generations to come.  I think we all agree this is a good thing. 

They argue for innovation in energy, transportation, city-planning, architecture, production, packaging, waste management, and food production. 

Well, there are lots of very bright people out there.  Give them the resources and let them make it happen.  I’ll clean their toilets and wash their dishes.  What is the hang up?  Oh…money…profit…what else?


5 thoughts on “Muses on Capitalism (Green Products)

  1. Established corporations also lobby the government in order to influence the government to suppress the development of more environmentally friendly corporations because the established corporations want to prevent competition.

    An example of this is if you examine the case of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp, which is not marijuana, is heavily not legal to grow in the USA. Lobby groups scare the government by connecting industrial hemp to marijuana. But industrial hemp is not marijuana.

    The truth is is that the wood based paper industry could go out of business if industrial hemp became legal. Industrial hemp can be used to make paper and industrial hemp can be replenished a lot quicker than it takes to re-grow a tree. Industrial hemp production could prevent much of the de-forrestation that is happening all throughout the globe.

    So basically the proxies of corporations involved in the logging industry lobby the government to make growing industrial hemp illegal so that their businesses are not threatened by competition.

  2. I remember watching PBS specials about solar-powered cars racing in the desert 25 years ago. The promise was that we would soon all be driving solar-powered cars. What we are offered today is hybrid cars and plug-ins. The issue, quite simply, is the technology didn’t advance the way we thought. Energy density and energy reliability are the two issues that make it difficult to convert to “green” energy. More difficult, however, is cost. You can get solar panels for your home, something relatively new. The problem is that, without government subsidies, it takes about 26 years to recoup the cost of the panels in electricity savings. That could be longer than the projected life-span of the panels.

    It’s easy to say we should “go green”, but ask yourself this: how many people buy their groceries in Wal-Mart, and how many buy them at Fresh Market or EarthFare? For many, many people, price matters more than organic/locally produced/etc.

    • Notice how you language includes things like “cost” and “subsidies”…my language believes in man, his brain, his free hands, to make it happen……loans…is not my concern. The established order…oil companies…auto manfucaturers…don’t want man to build smart cities where cars are only used for vacation or for cars that don’t need gas.

      • I believe people are basically greedy. Whether we have money to quantify it or not, the tendency to want something your neighbor has and you don’t has been around for thousands of years. I’m starting to think you are approaching everything from a different perspective, that people can be non-greedy. It sounds good, and has been tried many times, but has never been successfully implemented. Unfortunately, one of the first words a three-year-old learns is “mine!”

      • Maybe you are right. I have a very critical mind…but when it comes to the human being and what we could achieve…I am very optimistic…many positive examples to illustrate. Perhaps I suffer from what those who believe in God suffer from…Faith.

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