Money Makes the World go Round

Contemplate this. 

All that humankind has created could have existed without the concept of money.  Money did not create what exists– man did. 

Now contemplate this. 

Imagine what mankind could have created had he not created money.

12 thoughts on “Money Makes the World go Round

  1. Indeed. Money, like “God” and “Time”, is one of those stopgap ideas that seemed like a good idea at first, but then dead-ended into a trap from which the human being seems incapable of extracting itself, and which impedes further growth, creativity, and the attempt to fathom truth. To go a few steps further from your post, imagine what the human being could conceive and create without “God”, “Time”, and “Money”. But now we are venturing into the realm of Apotheosis.

    • Why don’t you go ahead and expand on this thought. I would be interested to hear what you have to say regarding the stopgaps or traps caused by “God” or “Gods” and “Time”.

    • I told you not to bother coming to this site as you may get depressed:) You are in the healthcare field I believe. I am sure you see the inefficiencies and obstacles created by money everyday. You can also probably imagine how much better the facility you work at could be if there were no limits on capital expenditures or profits. Man…with his own energy and motivation… should give you a beautiful building to work in with access to all the best equipment and training and take care that you are not over-worked. Maybe I am wrong and your facility, equipment, training, and hours are perfect…but I doubt it.

  2. OK, let’s contemplate it. I currently work as a programmer and as a math teacher. The software I work on, and the math I teach has no direct value to any farmer. How would you propose I eat? Is it more valuable to society for me to do what I do, or spend less time on those activities so I can start farming?

  3. Hi WingedPanther. What does this have to do with a farmer? You could still work on software and teach math under the idea I have contemplated…and you could probably do much more.

    • Here’s the deal, without money, how do I get the food I need? I’m assuming that there are one of two approaches:
      1) Barter, thus the farmer
      2) People just work on what they want to work on and hope everything they need is generated and shared.

      Barter is what we had before money. Precious metals and gems became a standard barter item because it was both rare enough to be valuable, and small enough to transport. Money was originally just precious metals stamped into a known amount to facilitate using it as a barter item. Paper money simply facilitates carrying large amounts of gold or other metal. This is the brief history of barter and money, and has always existed in one form or another.

      People just working on what they want sounds good, until you think about trash collection and other unpleasant jobs. Trash collection is, I’m sure, an unpleasant job, yet it is far more efficient for a few people with specialized vehicles to do it than for every individual to collect their own trash and transport it to the dump on a weekly basis. Also, I know some people who want their contribution to society to be mastering World of Warcraft, or some other video game. Money, or some other method of exchange, motivates them to take some time to do something useful to others.

      • As I have said in a few previous posts…if I believed in great visions and purposes for mankind…I would be willing to clean toilets and wash dishes as long as I could enjoy good food, a good bottle of wine, love of a soul mate, long walks where i could enjoy some wild life…a visit to a museum or symphony that provides works of true and beautiful art from recent generations….but perhaps I am an anomaly and I am extraordianry…but I doubt it. I also mentioned in a previous post that we are all not created equal even if we have the same opportunities from birth. A new culture without money wouldn’t guarantee some sort of communistic or socialist justice…the talented and bright will lead and be rewarded…not through money…but through other means…but everyone will be well educated, a chance to be motivated…and a chance to use their energy to contribute to visions that are inspiring. No doubt there will be those that detest the visions and their condition…but let them speak and offer alternatives…visions can always change over time.

  4. I’m still here =P

    Gosh, you’ve had an interesting life thus far. I admire your guts and integrity to yourself.

    Now let’s try this sleep thing again….

    • LOL…if you read enough of this it will certainly put you to sleep. Don’t admire me too much…I have made some weak decisions too 🙂 Hope you got some sleep.

      • Good morning *yawn*
        Haha, naw, it didn’t put me to sleep. It was quite interesting 🙂 And hey, we’ve all made our weak decisions, many of them. As long as we’re moving forward, that’s what matters 😉

      • Good lord…you are going to have a rough day…I worked all night…now time to try to get sleepy…hahaha…pounded starbucks most of the night…maybe I will browse through your site now…hehehe

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