Santa Claus or Scrooge???

I have made several posts expressing my concern about over-population, but this doesn’t mean I don’t like children.  In fact, when I argue for a smaller population it is precisely the children that are top of mind.     

Let me pose this question.  Which choice below seems more aligned with the concept of individual freedom?  

Option AOne may have as many children as one desires regardless of the conditions into which these children will be born and without considering the overall quality of their life into the future.

Option BOne should ensure conditions are sound before bringing children into existence and ensure the overall quality of their life in the future will be optimal.

Hmmm….before you make your choice, contemplate that we shouldn’t just think about the freedom of the “parents to be”, but also the future freedom of the children and the society that will either “support” them or enable and in fact “benefit” from them.

Do we as Americans, or as a species as a whole, currently provide our children with the ultimate foundation to grow and develop into intelligent, enlightened, healthy adults?  Do we as Americans, or as a species as a whole, provide our children with inspiring visions and purposes such that when they enter the “real” world they won’t have to endure the painful discovery that Santa Clause was merely a myth and that the world is run by the Scrooge?

Alternatively, do we simply leave problems unsolved and bring more and more beings into the world further complicating or exasperating our unsolved problems relying on blind faith that some future generation will solve the problems through miraculous new inventions?

Are our unsolved problems passed on from one generation to the next analogous to the cycle of a tropical depression evolving into a tropical storm, a category one, a category two…all the way to category five?  Is there a limit to the number of potential categories and at what point will we figure out the answer to that question?


4 thoughts on “Santa Claus or Scrooge???

  1. There is something about that picture of the child walking through the ocean that just breaks my heart. In the context of the subject of your thoughts, it is what that child is experiencing that should be the rule, not the remote exception for the human being. Yet we know all too well what the rule is, and more and more is becoming. With every step I take I find myself wishing more and more that there were less people in this world–I find myself almost claustrophobically seeking out wildly open spaces just to breathe and remember what it is like to experience the luxury of solitude in the expanse and abyss of Eternity. I truly fear this experience is a kind of “endangered species”.

    I too love children. Yet what I most often feel for the children of this age is pity with regards to wait lies ahead for them. They are the inheritors of the heinous irresponsibility of the generations that preceded them. I will probably never bring a child into this world, but I don’t rule out the possibility that I might bring forth one. My gift to that one will be that A) I brought forth him/her alone, and B) I consciously protested against with both my words and my actions the insane, negligent, myopic, self-indulgent, et cetera direction of humanity as we now know it.

    Perhaps in the end my actual gift to the human being will be silently and singularly going my way preserving that “endangered species” experience intact within myself and trying to impart it to those who are still capable of understanding it and its value.

    Thanks for continuing to unearth these troubling yet inspiring problems. It’s probably unrealistic to think that your blog will ever become “popular”–but it is certainly poignant and profound, a “beacon of light” in an age that would prefer to lose itself in the darkness of nescient fantasy.

    • Thanks for visiting here often and providing very intelligent comments. LOL…yes…I don’t expect an article from this site to ever be Freshly Pressed…but what i do enjoy is meeting a few individuals like yourself who share common connections. I also don’t mind meeting those that detest me and my thoughts leading to a fruitful discussion…for I am by no means one who “knows”. I have met some interesting people with some interesting blogs which makes the time spent here worthwhile.

  2. some seem to believe that they should continue as is, simply ‘begetting’ away like mad and damn the consequences. as if it’s their god given right and therefore anyone who wants to say ‘STOP’ … just take a moment and think seriously, do you want your child/children growing up to face the future we are leaving as a legacy?… Do you seriously???? . . belongs to the Lefties, Greenies, pleasure stoppers and worse of all, the final hard hitting question… ‘do you have children?’ and as I don’t …I get a smug smile…and the knowing look which says, ‘that answers that then, you cannot understand’ …. As if a biological function makes more sense than a ‘long hard look at the ‘state of play’ out there for all to see. … xPenx

    • You are one up on me…I have an 8 year old boy:) I can be considered a hypocrite…and if I stayed happily married perhaps I would have had more kids…I can’t look myself in the mirror and honestly say it would have been one and done. In fact, much of what I write about is through looking at myself and realizing what I have done…some good, some not so good. I don’t preach from a podium using me as an example to follow…although I have periods where I raised my sword…I have spent many years as of product of what is the status quo…I am not exceptional or extraordinary. But I do have a brain, eyes, and the ability to look at myself and that around me with a critical eye and I have the ability to be self-deprecating…two powerful tools in the box.

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