Muse from 8 yr. old boy

I was driving on the freeway with my eight year old boy.  He was staring quietly out the window.  He asked, “Papa, why are there so many different kinds of cars?”  I laughed and went on to explain marketing, brands, price points and performance.  I guess I failed.  He concluded, “they should just make one kind”.


4 thoughts on “Muse from 8 yr. old boy

  1. I love this story because it truly captures the essence of a market economy. Is there really need for all these cars? Of course not, but if there is a small chance for profit making, many producers will take a stab at it. Maybe your son’s thinking predicts the economic future we are heading toward.

  2. He has made several comments that I will post over time that reveal insight that we take for granted. Over time I have become very cynical about the automobile. I have driven several types, from an old hand me down orange Toyota Corolla to a beautiful black limited edition S500 Mercedes Benz. Currently I take the bus and use other modes of transportation like my feet:) My drive on the freeway referenced in this post was made possible by borrowing my friends car.

    When you think about it many of the benefits of an automobile have been diluted. If you live in a big city or suburb, the traffic jams and complications/expense with parking actually results in less freedom than other modes of transportation. In fact, even when you go on a weekend gettaway you run into traffic problems. It really doesn’t matter what type of car you have as you still have to deal with the same modern problems. If the automobile were to become a commodity, they could be designed very efficiently and seen merely as a mode of transportation rather than as a symbol of this or that. But that leads to lots of other discussions so I will end my ramblings:)

  3. LOL that is so adorable. And simple 🙂

    I’ve been having some serious insomnia lately. Apparently the pills I’m taking can cause insomnia. Since I’m already an insomniac, it’s like double insomnia. Anyways, I was reading through some of your posts and don’t have enough brain power right now to conjure up something meaningful enough to leave in the comment box, but just wanted to let ya know I’m around and appreciating your thoughts 🙂

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