Ancient King

Towering high above all else

Passing spirits lay the white crown

Broad and swelling with latent power

Massive ice slowly sculpts a path

Quenching source for the animate below

Ominous trembles rumble and roll

Ancient fire claws up from the deep

Breaks through with ferocious freedom

Thunderous roar merely an echo from the past 

Billowing dark cloud turns dawn to dusk

Charcoal grey shockwave flattens and sears

Glacial Tsunami washes all away

Animate transformed to inanimate

Alien rock melts to liquid gold

Wages war against the pounding ocean surf

Expanded kingdom barren and silent

Patiently awaits new creative Glory


One thought on “Ancient King

  1. thanks a lot for visiting my blog, i’m so glad to discover your wonderful blog too, sure i would be visiting to read your posts.

    this poem has power written all over it. beautiful and descriptive lines about forces of nature.
    “Animate transformed to inanimate” << specially loved this line

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