The Green Movement — Myth Buster

The Green Movement is full of good intentions and I applaud the effort, but the bottom line is that a human being simply can’t be an environmentalist and enjoy what little pleasures of life remain available to it.  In my opinion, the Green Movement is simply attempting to make incremental adjustments or tweaks without really addressing the number one “taboo” problem – 7 billion people and climbing.  Most of the Green Movement’s efforts seem trivial when you consider the “foot print” of 14 billion feet stomping around the planet. 

The idea that a human environmentalist can enjoy life given the status quo is hypocritical.  My favorite example to illustrate this point is the “champagne environmentalist” – our Hollywood celebrities.   The rich and famous preach to their adoring public about the importance of going green yet they live a life style that the billions will never experience.  You people must learn to take the bus, carry canvas sacks to the grocery store, eat less meat, and buy expensive green products to use in your little shanties so we can enjoy our lavish life style and enjoy a clean beach on our vacations..   

Many people look to the Green Movement as a means to make a profit – the perfect “win-win” scenario.  The delusional premise is that technology and innovation will enable us to solve our destructive impact on the Earth without having to make any serious decisions that would alter the status quo.  We don’t have to adjust our population size, alter our consumption patterns, or improve city planning because innovative businesses will  solve our problems through green technologies.  Better yet, this new green economy will provide jobs!  Even if we discover alternative forms of energy and more eco-friendly products, the 7 billion people on this planet are still going to require an immense amount of resources for consumption.  How will we lessen our impact on limited fresh water, forests, grain, fish, and all the other species we enjoy preying upon?  I guess we could just eat chicken and eggs and develop even larger mega farms.

To be blunt, I am tired of feeling guilty for being a human being.  Each day our senses pick up the damage we are causing, but a feeling of helplessness to stop the destruction combined with a desire to live our lives forces us to tuck the issue neatly in the back of our minds.   Each day, billions of us wake up to start our day — we shower, eat breakfast, commute to our jobs, work for entities that are concerned with providing us with products and services, eat lunch, go back to work, commute home, eat dinner, turn on the TV, brush our teeth, and finally go to bed.  The routine goes on 24 hours a day over the entire planet day in and day out.  There is no question that billions of us are depleting resources and damaging the planet.  You are lying to yourself if you think otherwise.

And to what end or ends are we engaging in this routine?  What are we trying to accomplish?  Are we setting the foundation so that the next generation can enjoy a better standard of life than what we currently enjoy?  Are we making progress on the quality of our existence?  Are we better off today than we were in ancient Greece or Rome?  Are we, as a whole, moving forward?  I think quantity is watering down our quality.  The only way to break the insane cycle is to address our population size.  If the Green Movement really wants to address the environment, overpopulation is the issue they should focus on and stop dancing around the issue with “win-win” solutions.  And by all means, keep government millions of miles away from any type of solution as they are merely searching for ways to find more tax revenue.  People need to take the issue out of that neatly tucked spot in the back of their heads and pay heed to what their senses tell them every single day.   

But would happen to business and the economy if we start reducing our population?  How would businesses expand and be able to show those steadily upward trending bar graphs that lead to healthy executive bonus payouts?  What would we do with all the tax incentives that encourage people to have more kids?  What will all the banks do if fewer people need credit or loans to buy things for all the babies and purchase five bedroom homes?  What will we have to feed into our Economic dynamo without more kids?  Well, do what you have always done when times are tough – down size.       

Imagine the sense of freedom that our fellow Apex predators enjoy without any conscious concerns about what they are doing to the planet.  They simply live their wild lives and provide for the next generation guilt free.  They don’t need policies and movements to set their direction – they just live life.  About the only thing they have to worry about are the number of awkward looking two-legged apes stomping aimlessly around the planet.  We should be proud of our existence with an innate sense that we are progressing forward generation by generation.  We should be living a wild intelligent life rather than looking at ourselves merely as domesticated commodities.  But that is a topic for another day.  Enjoy your weekend and happy Equinox.

9 thoughts on “The Green Movement — Myth Buster

  1. I hear crickets chirping . . . . . .

    I will be following this blog consistently. I love your sardonic humor and ability to expose the fallacies that so many people succumb to or “buy into”–even though they do so with nothing more than plastic.

    The “win win” mentality you reference is precisely what got us into this lose lose reality. People constantly tout the unshakeable optimism of the human being, but I see that as precisely the problem. What we need now and perhaps always is an unshakeable realism.

    For so long now the human species has been buying into this fallacy that technology will solve all of our problems–it is this very delusion that has brought us to the very precipice of disaster we find ourselves teetering upon. It is disheartening therefore that the cause of our unenviable situation is yet once again mistaken as the means of getting out of it.

    That proverbial statement: “I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry” seems to be the most apt reaction to our position. I guess one does a little of both, and when one is done, tries to find a ray of Light to cling to in the darkness.

  2. One more thing: I’d be interested in hearing your take on the Tea Party movement. If the Green Movement is guilty of ignoring real problems and real solutions to them, then the Tea Party–with it’s fantastical notion that government should be dismantled and that the unregulated free market will somehow just miraculously solve all of our problems–must be doubly so.

  3. LOL…I honestly haven’t followed the purpose of the Tea Party other than what I see on the news. I imagine they believe the federal government should only be concerned with that outlined by the founding fathers in the Constitution…post office and postal roads, protection from invasion, coin money, borrow money, regulate commerce with other nations, punish high crimes or counterfeit, immigration and naturalization, and support advancement of useful art and sciences. They may even want to go back before the Constitution and adopt principles of the Federalist Papers which had even less government control over the states.

    Based on what I have seen just in the last decade, there is no way in hell we should let business have free reign. As I have already discussed, money, debt, and the financial institutions has led to one big ponzi scheme. There is much more debt in the world than output. Wealth is created on future speculation that there will be a good return on that debt. Guess what, that return isn’t coming. Those on top of the business/financial pyramid will suck up as much wealth as possible before the upcoming collapse and the millions (in America) and the billions (in the world) will be left holding the empty bag.

    The way I see it is that we want to have a capitalist system but we also want the majority of people to share the wealth from that system and if they aren’t sharing the wealth then we set up safety nets…the safety net costs lots of money or re-distribution of wealth. We seem to have a combination of a capitalist and socialst system. Currently, we keep adding more bodies that come into existence in poverty such that the social safety net becomes a growing expense. The number of poor is increasing…the wealth for the few number of super rich is increasing (wealth protected from taxes because it is accumulated wealth)…and those in the middle are being dragged downward.

    Although I don’t like the idea of unchecked free market given the cards we have currently been dealt (350 million people with huge portions in poverty, uneducated, illiterate), the problem with government regulation is that regulators are always ten steps behind the shrewd investment “bankstas ” and other business institutions. How can you have true and honest legislation when we have lobby firms and handouts to politicians from the very institutions they are supposed to be regulating?

  4. My view of the Tea Party is in many ways summed up by their own emblem: a ridiculous buffoon dressed up in a colonial outfit screaming about how “our country is going in the wrong direction”. Essentially the Tea Party, faced with the extremely complex problems we are faced with in the modern world, wants to regress back to 18th century values and ways of thinking in a world that no longer looks in any way, shape or form like it did in 1776.

    Reconciling regulation and freedom is the problem we are faced with. Tea baggers shirk at any form of regulation whatsoever because it is incompatible with liberty. But as I noted in another response, liberty only works if it is tempered with enlightenment. Without any form of regulation, overpopulation will continue to run rampant; the excesses of capitalistic greed will explode like cancer; over-consumptive pollution will plague the Earth; the oceans will be sacrificed to the oil addiction of SUV driving
    Wallmart shoppers. Imagine a world in which condos are built all along the edges of the Grand Canyon because the only “law of the land” is, as the darling of the Tea Party Ayn Rand envisioned it, the Almighty Dollar.

    That’s not the kind of world I want to live in. A balance has to be found between freedom and regulation. The ideal form this balance would take would be self-regulation–but given our knowledge of the human being, how likely is that? Thus we are left with the problem of having to impose regulation, and how to go about doing so. Freedom as a thing in itself, as a kind of unquestionable dogma as envisioned by the founding patriarchs (who were fallible human beings, not gods on Earth) is obsolete and no longer applicable in the circumstances of the present. Freedom has to be coupled with and licensed by intelligence and self-control now, or perhaps one stands in danger of losing it as a “right”–for clearly without those things it ends up causing so many deleterious wrongs.

  5. Great post – I’ve certainly thought a lot of the same thoughts. I would only add one thing: the population that sorely needs to reduce/stabilize is the one in the developed world. I think a lot of people would say “well, it’s all those Chinese and Indian people that need to reduce family sizes” – which may be true, but we must also look to ourselves who have an impact that multiplies that of any developing nation. I agree, though, that “green consumerism” is a force that makes me shake my head. It might be nice to be a dolphin.

  6. So long and thanks for all the fish (: I had that picture of dolphins on my wall when I was about ten haha. Just by chance or do you like dolphins too (as in-more than generally all animals)?

    {I did read the rest of the post but it has been commented on pretty well already so I had nothing new to add there}

    • LOL…I think if I had to make a choice that dolphins probably my favorite…followed by Orcas…then the list goes on…but prey birds are pretty free and beautiful as well and resemble my ideas of freedom. Unfortunately…our species doesn’t paint a picture of freedom in my eyes…perhaps at some points in time, but in general…as I grew from childhood I have become a little dissapointed.

      • Made you laugh (: ? Why do you like dolphins and orcas the best?

        You’ll probably think this is stupid but. . . I don’t like birds up close, they’re fine as long as they don’t come near me. . . I’m not afraid it’s more that they seem so dirty and you don’t know where they are under all the feathers. I like animals that you can throw in the bath and don’t have all those little nooks for nasty stuff to hide and get stuck lol. You can throw a cat in the bath, even a hamster. . . but a bird has too many pieces lol.

        Yes, humanity is pretty void of any true freedom. As a society we are too stuck on trying to control everything around us, including each other, that we just end up trapping ourselves. . . it really is sad isn’t it?

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